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Infant School

Play together, learn together, grow together

Learning from home! 20.03.20


In the event that our school closes, we have put together a pack with some ideas and activities that you can complete with the children each week. We will post documents on here with challenges and send texts each day with suggested activities.

There will be English and Maths challenges daily, as well as suggested activities for other subject areas. There is also a 'Year 1 Activity Passport' which can be completed when and how you wish.

We'd like the children to use online Phonics Websites to complete phonics games for 20 minutes each day, as well as continued reading each day at home. The app 'Teach my monster to read' is also currently free to download and is a great tool for keeping the children's phonics knowledge fresh.

We'd love for the children to still be learning through play and getting out into the fresh air as much as possible. The website 'Outdoor Classroom' has some great ideas if you'd like to take a look. (

Mrs Moore has also set the children some P.E. challenges which the children could complete each morning as a mini Alert2Learn..

60 Star jumps in a minute
45 bounce catch in one minute.
Hop from one side of the garden to other using two feet.
Hop 30 times in a row.
Skip 5 times using a skipping rope.
Skip across from one side of the garden to the other.

If you have any queries about the activities, please find our e-mail addresses upon the school website and contact us via there.

Take care,
Year 1 Team

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