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Play together, learn together, grow together

Reading & Writing


For the last two weeks in school, we have been reading 'Superworm' by Julia Donaldson and building up to the children telling their own version of the story. Today we would like you to innovate the story and change the main character. Think about who your new, main character is going to be. Follow the steps below...

1. If you have the story at home, read the book together. If you don't have Superworm you can watch this video of someone reading it here...  At the end of the story talk about the following: Who are the characters? Where was the story set? (the setting) How do you think the characters are feeling when...?

2. Retell the shortened version of the story.. As soon as you start reading your child will probably take over and show you all the actions!

3. Look at the story map mountain of the story. Can you retell the story using only the pictures this time?

4. Explain to the children that they are going to become authors!

5. Think of a few different ideas for your new character but then pick your favourite! (I have gone for Superladybird).

6. Think of two describing words for your new character to replace 'Superworm is super STRONG' and 'Superworm is super LONG'. (For my Superladybird I have gone for 'super spotty' and 'super red').

7. Can you write the sentence in your red book? You could just do one but if you include 'and' it will make your sentence amazing! (Mine will say: 'Superladybird is super spotty and Superladybird is super red'.

If you get time you could do step 8 & 9 today or another day this week..

8. Finally, can you retell the story of Superworm with the actions but this time use your characters name!

9. Here is my version of the new story!



Still image for this video
Here is my innovated version of Superworm with a new main character!

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